USGE Cross-Country Tour Starts Up

On April 20, the first of USGE’s Regional Conferences and Collective Bargaining Conferences started up in the Ontario Region.

The Regional Conference two-day agenda ensured that participants did not have any down time. Day one consisted of a presentation of the new USGE website, a review of local by-laws and their importance to the day-to-day running of our Locals, a examination of Informal Conflict Management Systems and their application in the workplace and a quick review of Collective Bargaining and Writing Bargaining Demands.

Day Two of the conference was a presentation on Emotional Survival. A video by Dr. Kevin Gilmartin showcased the problems our members faced in their highly demanding careers, how to avoid associated pitfalls and maintain our own emotional survival.

New concepts such as the Hypervigilance roller coaster, the “magic chair” were introduced as were some of the roots of cynicism and entitlement. There was a deeper examination into the concepts of victimization and survival and then a light at the end of the tunnel, what can be done to regain and maintain emotional survival. Participants learned how emotional survival changes can wreak havoc with lives and careers.

Participants learned the keys to emotional survival and were provided tools to get back into balance if they have fallen victim to some of those phenomena. Members who are interested in these key concepts can download a summary document here in English only.

A final presentation focused on viewing our lives with different perspectives and approaching problems from different sides. Presented by DeWitt Jones, noted National Geographic photographer, we were urged to change the lens we use to view problems and issues to find better solutions. The message was well-received and after the video, participants explained that they could already see where they could put those concepts into play in their professional and personal lives.