​USGE supports those suffering from floods in Outaouais – National Capital Region

This week, the USGE National Executive unanimously passed an urgent motion to immediately make available $20,000 in funds from our unrestricted reserves to the Red Cross. This money will go towards the Red Cross’ Quebec Spring Floods Appeal.

Heavy rainfall has caused extensive flooding in several provinces across Canada, forcing thousands of people from their homes and communities. As the Outaouais-NCR region is experiencing some of the worst flooding in its history, many municipalities have now declared a state of emergency with many residents now facing evacuation and an uncertain future.

As the NCR is the region with the most Federal Public Servants, it is evident that many of our members are affected directly or indirectly by these floods. USGE’s donation will go towards helping to meet the needs of those who have been most affected with the provision of shelter, food, basic home repairs, children’s supports and personal services.

USGE is keeping all of our members affected by these floods in our hearts and minds.