USGE’s first Federal Pre-Budget Submission

In February, USGE created our first ever pre-budget submission. In it you will note that we recommend five steps the government could take to improve the capacity of our members to keep Canadian communities safe. 

While we recognize that thousands of groups submitted their own pre-budget submissions, and that the government will have much to consider, we are proud that USGE is inserting our members’ concerns into the process. 

Through this submission, USGE has begun an important dialogue with the new government. USGE’s National President. Stan Stapleton, met with Liberal Member of Parliament and the Chair of the Finance Committee, Wayne Easter, about this submission. In addition, Stan and National Vice President, David Neufeld, also met with representatives of Minister Ralph Goodale’s office in early March. 

USGE’s Pre-budget submission: USGE’s pre-budget submission