USJE Leadership and Communications Team visit Southern Saskatchewan Detachments

On March 13, National President David Neufeld, RVP Heather McKinnon and members of the USJE Communications Team took part in a southern Saskatchewan site visit tour. The team visited the Wynyard and Melville detachments as well as the Yorkton Police Reporting and Occurrence System (PROS) data centre.

The PROS data centre in Yorkton is the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan. USJE members provide crucial support to RCMP officers across the province by inputting data into PROS. By having USJE members input the data, the police officers on the road are able to spend more time on the front lines. Shop Steward Lindsey Schuster graciously provided a tour of the facility, followed by a Q&A session with USJE leadership and local members.

USJE would like to thank the members in southern Saskatchewan who shared their personal experiences as employees of the RCMP that will be part of USJE’s national RCMP campaign. Approved by the RCMP’s National Labour Relations team, the campaign aims to bring awareness about the unique roles and work done by our members. RCMP public servants and CMs can participate by reaching out to the USJE Communications team at

Upcoming schedule:

  • Winnipeg, April 23-25
  • Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton Alberta, May 7-9
  • Additional locations to be confirmed