Victory! PSAC gets pay increases for pay-matched RCMP Civilian members

Shortly after PSAC National President Robyn Benson sent a letter to Minister Scott Brison, President of Treasury Board, asking about fair treatment of RCMP civilian members, we received Treasury Board’s written commitment to provide pay-matched civilian members with the pay increases recently negotiated by their comparators in the core public administration. We’ll confirm with the employer as to when raises will be provided. Treasury Board has also committed to ensuring that the deeming process will be undertaken on a “good faith” basis.

PSAC/USGE is working to protect the rights of all civilian members. The Treasury Board’s commitment is a response to PSAC’s demands about how Treasury Board and the RCMP will reconcile the differences between core public service collective agreements (TC, PA, EB and SV) and current terms and conditions of work for pay-matched civilian members. Robyn Benson has also requested a meeting with Minister Brison to address these and other issues.

Treasury Board Secretariat has replied that it has no plans to unilaterally change terms and conditions of employment, where there are discrepancies between civilian members and their pay-matched, core public administration comparators. Treasury Board has committed to negotiating with the appropriate employee representatives. PSAC/USGE intends to fight hard for grandparenting of existing civilian member terms and conditions of employment, where those provide superior entitlements.

PSAC/USGE is pleased to share this information with the civilian member community and will work to support you throughout the deeming process. PSAC/USGE will continue to engage the employer on issues that concern you.

We took action and succeeded. We will continue to fight to get fair treatment for civilian members who should get the raises.

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