WFA Open Letter to our USGE sisters and brothers

Over the last few months the USGE has been working hard to try and get answers from the government about the cuts that were identified in Budget 2012. As many of you know, this process has not resulted in any clearer answers about the reason or rationale for the decisions made by the government. While we will continue to press the government for answers, I am also putting my energy into making sure that the Heads of Agencies and Departments within which you work respect the provisions of our collective agreements and the Workforce Adjustment Appendix applicable to our members.

I know this is a very trying and frustrating time for many of you and I am committed to make sure that management fulfils its obligations to our members. As well, if management is not stepping up to the plate in a timely manner I am committed to intervene at the highest levels within each organization. As an example, I have had direct discussions with the Commissioner of Corrections and the Commissioner of the RCMP on issues that are causing some of our members at the local levels to become even more anxious than they are to date. The outcome of these meetings has resulted in direct action to address those concerns and to straighten out some of the problems or misperceptions occurring in the field. In the case of the Department of Justice where those discussions failed, the USGE pushed to ensure that a policy grievance alleging a violation of the WFA Appendix was initiated.

I will continue to pursue issues at the highest levels in each organization if management at the local or regional levels is not respecting our collective agreements, communicating in a timely manner or initiating the required action to address the issues that matter the most- the people issues.

I continue to work for you and with you in solidarity to ensure our voices are heard and action is taken in a timely manner.

John Edmunds
National President