Workforce Adjustment & USJE CSC members

Please find below the steps involved in the Workforce Adjustment (WFA) process recently launched by CSC:


On Thursday January 25th, over 200 USJE CSC members were informed that they were affected in accordance with their respective Workforce Adjustment appendices of their collective agreements. USJE has received confirmation that CSC’s goal is to support continued employment for all affected employees.

Preliminary survey

Recently, affected employees were provided with access to complete a preliminary survey. USJE encourages affected members to complete this survey since the information collected will assist in the preliminary discussions.

Preliminary discussions

CSC Human Resources will then meet with each affected member to have preliminary discussions. During these discussions the WFA process will be outlined and additional information regarding members’ transferable skills and areas of interest for future employment will be gathered.

During these meetings, CSC Human Resources may provide information regarding:

  • guaranteed reasonable job offers (GRJO),
  • transitional support measures (buy outs) with or without an educational allowance, and
  • alternations (where someone takes over a position of someone else who is retiring, or leaving the department).

Members will not need to make a decision during these preliminary discussions, instead these meetings are an opportunity for members to better understand the WFA and for CSC Human Resources to gather additional information which will assist in identifying continued employment opportunities. However, if a member knows their preference at that time, they may make their preference known.

USJE representatives are available to attend these preliminary discussions with affected members.

A second notice

By this summer, it is anticipated that all affected members will have received a second letter outlining whether they will be offered a GRJO or other option. Bearing in mind that leading up to this, CSC will resolve as many affected situations as possible, where members are prepared to accept a GRJO and a vacancy to facilitate this is available. Once the second letter has been received members will have a clearly stated amount of time to make an informed decision.

Again, USJE representatives will be available to provide any support required during this process.

During this time, National USJE President, Stan Stapleton and Regional Vice President, Bill Bailey will sit on the CSC National WFA Committee and will monitor the process closely. CSC has indicated that their goal is “to ensure continued employment for all indeterminate employees” and USJE plans to work with CSC to ensure that this happens.