2024 National Public Safety Awards on Parliament Hill   

USJE is pleased to open the call for nominations for the 2nd Annual National Public Safety Awards which will be held in April 2024. Nominations are now open until January 26, 2024.  

USJE’S inaugural Public Safety Awards ceremony were held in March 2023 on Parliament Hill. We recognized 6 Public Safety Champions (USJE members) who went above and beyond as federal public safety personnel. The focus of the Awards is to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work undertaken by USJE’s members across the 18 departments and agencies USJE represents.  

In April 2024, seven USJE members from across the country will be recognized for their outstanding contributions as federal public safety personnel and Public Safety Champions. 

Protecting the safety of Canadians and ensuring their access to justice is at the heart of what USJE members do. Too often, the crucial work of USJE members happens behind the scenes, out of sight of many Canadians who depend on the commitment and dedication of federal public safety and justice employees to keep them safe.   

Specifically, USJE is seeking nominations of USJE members whose contributions, years of service and dedication to public safety and access to justice amid challenging work conditions stand out to you and their peers.  We turn to you, our 18,000-strong USJE membership, to nominate colleagues who have gone above and beyond the call of duty at any of the 18 government departments and agencies represented by USJE who you believe have made an indelible impact on public safety and/or access to justice.   

Please visit the USJE website and complete the short nomination form

The seven individuals who are chosen will be invited to the Public Safety Awards ceremony on Parliament Hill event that brings together Canada’s elected officials and outstanding federal public safety personnel. 

Nomination deadline is January 26, 2024. Don’t hesitate! Shine a light on the excellence of a colleague! 

Nominate a colleague now.