National President Visits RCMP C Division with New Local leaders

National President David Neufeld met with RCMP C Division headquarters leadership in Montréal along with RVP Annie Blanchette, local new president Nawel Dendani and recently elected local Vice-president Andréa Vachon.

This visit was the occasion for the National President and this entirely new Québec team to meet with Martin Roach, the Commanding Officer of C Division for a labour-management meeting during which many topics of importance were discussed. Also present during this meeting were superintendent Hélène Beaulieu and Erika Lacasse Courchesne from RCMP labour relations. The meeting included delegates from other unions with members at C Division among which the National Police Federation (NPF) and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC).

One of the issues discussed was access to French-language training. Superintendent Beaulieu reiterated that French-language training is of paramount importance, and stated that the RCMP is clearly committed to always offering it when needed. She added that all unionized members of the RCMP must report any failure to provide training in the appropriate language without delay. Commanding Officer Roach, for his part, described the pressure exerted by unions such as USJE, NPF and PIPSC as a positive force for change.

The other major concern was the planned reorganization of the structures of the RCMP Division across Canada. Within 5 years, C Division will become the command hub for the entirety of Eastern Canada, from Québec to Newfoundland. Commanding Officer Roach assured the unions that these sweeping changes will not result in any laying-off of employees.

This meeting was the occasion for President Neufeld to introduce USJE’s National RCMP campaign that aims to promote the work of RCMP employees across Canada. Superintendant Beaulieu was very enthusiastic about this unique project and foresaw that the campaign could lend a hand with recruitment if the Canadian public is better informed of the various roles RCMP employees play.

Furthermore, this was the chance for USJE to remind RCMP management of the union’s leadership in spearheading the Albertans for RCMP campaign. The overall mood of management was positive and help-forward. RCMP Labour relations showed interest in allowing the organizing of cafés-causeries (chats over coffee) on-site in order to facilitate union outreach and activities. The use of the internal RCMP Web portal to promote union activities was even suggested.   

The USJE communication team was also on site to conduct interviews with USJE members for the RCMP national campaign. The labour relations office at C Division facilitated access to the members by hosting USJE employees. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to them.