Newsletter — April 24

Day 6 of National Strike

As we wrap up Day 6 of PSAC’s National General Strike, I want to acknowledge the solidarity that I continue to witness on the strike line every day, despite the reported lack of progress at the bargaining table. It is this solidarity that will keep us united and help us push for a fair deal for our members.

I also want to thank the many members of PSAC’s bargaining teams for their hard work and dedication over the past few weeks. We support you and will continue to stand with you until a final agreement is reached.

As you are likely aware, PSAC is determined to put more pressure on the federal government today by changing strike locations so that the full effects of the strike will be felt.

These actions are intended to ensure that PSAC is able to make meaningful progress at the bargaining table so that the federal government will come closer to meeting our demands.

Increased financial security to respond to uncertain economic times and increased flexibility for hybrid work arrangements are key for PSAC and all of its components, including USJE.

We need to continue to stand strong together if we are going to be successful at the bargaining table. It will take all of our members to do their part, whether they are on the strike line or currently in the workplace. We all have a role in pushing the employer for a fair deal.

USJE will continue to do its very best to answer your questions and concerns — and direct you to the best places for updates. As PSAC is the bargaining agent for all 18 components, including USJE, please continue to check here for bargaining updates.

I recognize that this strike action may feel difficult and stressful, despite the strong morale on the picket lines across the country. Thank you for fighting on behalf of all public servants across the country who are sacrificing to improve working conditions for federal employees.

More information and pictures from today’s strike action are below.

In Solidarity!

David Neufeld
National President

Do I need to participate in strike activities during my compressed days off (CDOs) or days of rest?

If you are on strike, CDOs are no longer in effect. The employer will not pay you, but you are eligible for strike pay if you sign into a picket line.

If you are a Code 1 essential worker, you are not required to picket on your days of rest or your EDO of a compressed schedule.

If you are not an essential worker, your Compressed Schedule is paused during the strike period – you are not working your hours to earn your days off, so you would be expected to report to the picket line as usual.

If you are Code 2 or Code 3 essential worker, but have not been called in all of the time, you are in the same situation as non-essential workers. If you have been called in full-time since the start of the strike, you would follow the same protocol as a Code 1 employee.

RCMP Civilian Members

Please note that RCMP Civilian Members are full PSAC/USJE members. They are entitled to Strike Pay under the same conditions as other members as long as they have signed a union card and completed their daily picketing duties. Civilian members may be essential workers if they were issued an essential worker’s letter. They will get the same wage increases and access to the same premiums and protections as other PSAC/USJE members. We are all stronger together when we fight for a fair deal for everyone!

Strike Top Up

Every USJE local has the capacity to make its own decision in regards to the “topping up” of PSAC’s regular strike pay. Read more

Strike FAQs updated

PSAC’s strike FAQs have been updated with more answers to member questions.

Congratulations to today’s winners of our Dispatches from the Front Line contest, Marcia Koenders in Victoria and Stacy Allison in Calgary!

Send us your pictures or zingers heard on the picket lines for a daily shot at a $50 gift card of your choice. Make sure to include your local number and/or picket location. Solidarity!


CSC, Public Safety, RCMP and all PSAC workers doing “incredibly important work.” Shout-out from Steve Boots on TikTok.

Federal Public Service Strike: Union Prepares to Step Up Pressure

Radio-Canada – April 23 (French only)

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