Newsletter – July 13

Food Services Officers update

USJE continues to fight for our Food Services Officers (FOS) who work at CSC. The results of our 2022 survey among FOS was clear. Food Services Officers suffer from a hazardous lack of safety training and work in dangerously understaffed kitchens. USJE leadership continue to advocate for:

  • Immediate safety training for all FOS,
  • More FOS in kitchens, and
  • Broken equipment to be fixed NOW!

In addition to meetings with CSC, USJE has met with the CSC Citizens’ Advisory Committee and have toured the kitchen at Stony Mountain Institution with the Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Member of Parliament Jim Carr. USJE will continue to advocate on this important issue for our members.

TB Bargaining: Proceeding to Public Interest Commission

PSAC’s fight for a fair deal is progressing as a federal labour board moved to establish a Public Interest Commission (PIC) to help advance negotiations for 120,000 PSAC members.

During the PIC process, PSAC will continue to fight for a strong agreement that includes fair wages, better work-life balance, job security and inclusive workplaces. The cost of living continues to soar, so PSAC is working hard to get a fair deal quickly.

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We won!

USJE’s Local Officer Handbook has won the Katie-FitzRandolph award for best overall print publication produced in French! Thank you to the Canadian Association of Labour Media for the nod.

Download the Handbook here

Equity – How does it feel, smell or look?

History tells us that our union was born out of the struggles of many individuals. These struggles continue to be the fabric of what joins us together. USJE was founded upon the great pillar of equity while celebrating our differences. Over the years, we have made some remarkable strides, but, sadly, there continues to be more work that needs to be done.

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Atlantic Region Open House

All USJE members are welcome to join us for our Atlantic Region Open House, Sunday, July 17, 12-4 p.m. in Moncton at the PSAC Regional Office. This is your chance to chat directly with National President David Neufeld and Director of Labour Relations Rebecca Thompson about USJE’s priorities and issues that matter to you!


Upcoming Events

Atlantic Region Open House
July 17, 12-4 p.m.
Moncton PSAC Regional Office
85 Rufin Street, Dieppe, NB E1A 1K7

Regional Conferences
Ontario – Kingston, ON – Sept. 27-29
Pacific – Vancouver, BC – Oct. 4-6
Atlantic – Halifax, NS – Oct. 25-27
Quebec – Montreal, QC – Nov. 8-10
Prairies – Edmonton, AB – Nov. 15-17
*Optional training on final day of all conferences

USJE Virtual Town Hall Meetings – Fall 2022
October 18 and 19, 2022

USJE Equity Conference
Winnipeg, MB – January 2023

USJE National Convention
Whister, BC – July 17-21, 2023

Our Veterans Deserve Better

Instead of hiring enough employees, Veterans Affairs Canada is contracting out the work of serving Veterans with rehabilitation needs to a large corporation that values profits over people.

Send a letter and tell them to stop contracting out services to Veterans, hire more permanent case managers, and fulfil the promises they have made to our Veterans.

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Bonnie Robichaud’s historic fight against workplace sexual harassment

Bonnie Robichaud was a working-class mother in 1987, a PSAC member employed as a cleaner at the Department of National Defence. For years, she suffered sexual harassment at work, and went on to lead a movement that won a landmark Supreme Court precedent, changing the lives of countless women who have faced harassment and discrimination at work. Robichaud spoke about her inspiring story at PSAC NCR’s Annual General Meeting earlier this month.

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New book by Bonnie Robichaud: It Should Be Easy to Fix

PSAC kicks off Pride season with launch of Gender Inclusive Language Toolkit

Using inclusive language helps people feel valued and welcomed within our union, the labour movement, and our communities. By using gender inclusive language, we’re not only showing that we value inclusion, but we’re also promoting gender equity for all.  

This toolkit is designed to help members, elected leaders and staff interact in a way that respects and celebrates our unique and diverse gender identities. 

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