RCMP Civilian Members’ Pay Raise

PSAC/USGE has been taking political action to address the interests of the CM community. Since initiating those efforts, we’ve received encouraging commitments from Treasury Board and the RCMP with respect to pay-matched CMs on the issue of pay increases. We have been assured that those pay increases will be provided and we will continue to work to ensure that they are provided in a timely manner.

Treasury Board Secretariat has also confirmed to us that it has no plans to unilaterally change terms and conditions of employment where there are discrepancies between civilian members and their pay-matched, core public administration comparators. Treasury Board has committed to negotiating with the appropriate employee representatives on these issues. PSAC/USGE intends to fight hard for grandparenting of existing civilian member terms and conditions of employment where those provide superior entitlements.

With respect to Telecoms Operators and Intercept Monitor Analysts, the RCMP appears intent on denying pay increases on grounds which we consider objectionable and believe to be indefensible.

Robyn Benson, PSAC National President, has requested a meeting with Minister Scott Brison, President of Treasury Board, to address these and other issues. PSAC/USGE will continue to engage the employer on issues that concern you.